Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra
Sonata for Bass Trombone and Piano

Duration: 15:00

Dedicated to the Men and Women of the US Armed Forces and their Families

Virtuoso piece, “Catharsis” was commissioned by Brian Hecht, bass trombonist with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  It explores his feelings about a fallen soldier, a friend who was killed while serving in the armed forces. It is powerfully moving and truly cathartic for performers and listeners who have experienced loss.

“Catharsis is more than just a piece of music.  For me, it’s a way to connect with my inner self and release deep, strong feelings through the expression of this music.  I feel that this piece could be a similarly cathartic experience for any performer in all walks of life.”
Brian Hecht, Bass Trombone, Atlanta Symphony

Movement I:  “Playful”  Happy memories of childhood fun, playing Super Heroes, climbing and falling out of trees.

Movement II:  “Tragic”  The tragedy is announced, then expressions of anger, frustration, denial, then gradual acceptance and coming to peace.

Movement III:  “Renewal”  The final movement recognizes Real Heroes, and encourages all who have experienced tragic loss to Never Forget as they Go Forth info the future, changed, but with renewed conviction and hope.

Click here to see/hear the video of the PREMIERE PERFORMANCE of the bass trombone and ORCHESTRA VERSION with BRIAN HECHT performing with the US ARMY ORCHESTRA.  “Catharsis” announcer begins at 4:47:20, music begins at 4:54:18.

Click below to listen to computer-generated recording of the entire original version for bass trombone and piano.

Click here for YouTube video of Brian & Amy’s introduction and excerpts from the World Premiere of the original version for bass trombone and piano

Difficulty Level:  Trombone 6 (Professional)
Piano  5  (Advanced)

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