Delightful Dance, Lonesome Chaconne and Fiery Fugue

Three Vignettes for Viola, Cello and Piano

Total Duration  13:30

Vignette I:  Delightful Dance  Jaunty rhythms and clever surprises render a joyful opening section.  Later, a warm, love filled melody is poured out by each instrumentalist, and climbs to a glorious tutti.  Then it is back to the joyful dance, a few more surprises, and a delightfully happy ending.  6:00

Vignette II:  Lonesome Chaconne opens with two dark chords.  Then the piano begins the chaconne with a mournful bass line and plaintive off beats.  The viola enters and plays a lonesome melody, then is joined by the cello in a melancholy duet over the chaconne until it dies away.  The cello’s brief recitative emerges from the depths into an aching cry  that is then echoed by the viola.  Joining together, they pour out a fervent melody, moving higher and higher until they breakthrough to the light.  Alas, the vision fades, and they return to only fragments as the chaconne disappears.  4:30

Vignette III:  Fiery Fugue opens with a feisty subject melody, first in the viola, followed by the cello, piano right hand, and left hand.  It is similar in form to a Bach fugue, but uses modal tonality and syncopated rhythms.  The statements and episodes build to a recall of the fervent melody from the second movement, leading to the final dynamic unison statement of the fugue subject.  Just as it almost dies away, it recharges and boldly bounds ahead to the end.  3:00

Difficulty Level:  5 (Advanced)

Delightful Dance – Listen Now!


Lonesome Chaconne – Listen Now!


Fiery Fugue – Listen Now!


Delightful Dance, Lonesome Chaconne and Fiery Fugue
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