Flee! Novella for String Quartet

Flee!  Novella for String Quartet

Duration:  10:00

“Flee!” is a novella, a short story.  Imagine being captive, the opportunity arises, take a chance and flee, mixing the exuberance of restored freedom with the fear of recapture.  At Sad, pause to think of those still in captivity, but not for long.  Danger!  During the four episodes in Evade – leap, hide, scurry, and project bravado until the coast is clear, and once again, Flee!  Finally arriving at a place of Refuge, rejoice, then revel in new found freedom!

With memorable melodies, compelling rhythms, modal harmonies, clever moments,
Flee!’s breathless energy, deep heart, suspense, and ultimate resolution is captivating, both your players and your audience will love it.        Flee! / Sad / Evade / Flee! / Refuge

Difficulty Level: 4.5 (Advanced) (But playable!)

Publisher:  C. F. Peters
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