One More Mountain

for Horn, Trombone and Piano

Duration:  7:30

“One More Mountain” is a dynamic musical drama in one movement for Horn, Trombone and Piano.  It features virtuosity of the brass players and lyricism of the pianist.  The Dramatic opening theme displays strength of character and builds to a climax.  Wistful, ever in motion, the piano introduces the first Waltz theme.  The trombone joins in with a soulful outpouring of love, and finally the Horn joins for a beautiful trio of Waltz melodies combined.  Building through Honor, the Triumphant climax blazes, then quickly fades as the Dramatic theme returns in canon.  The trio of Waltz themes returns, and this time Honor leads to Finding Peace.  Slowly and softly the piano emerges, grows rapidly, and is joined by the brass for a rip roarin’  Heroic Ride to the end.  Standing O!

Dramatic / Waltz / Triumphant / Dramatic / Waltz / Finding Peace / Heroic Ride

Difficulty Level:
Horn, Trombone    6 (Professional)
Piano          5 (Advanced)

One More Mountain for Horn, Trombone and Piano

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One More Mountain for Horn, Trombone and Piano – Listen Now!

Link to Live Performance on YouTube featuring Nathan Dishman, Zach Cooper, and Mac Merchant


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