Megumi Kanda’s Stunning World Premiere of “Red Dragonfly”

“Red Dragonfly” took flight and soared in its world premiere at the International Trombone Festival in Columbus, Georgia in June.

Megumi Kanda, Principal Trombone of the Milwaukee Symphony, and commissioner of the piece, played a spectacular, flawless performance in the world premiere…despite a small incident where, after the dramatic first movement, her water key fell off her slide!  Yes, that was, fell off.  Thankfully, a trombonist in the audience had the same make of instrument, so he ran and got his slide for her.  Megumi invited me to the stage to fill time, so I told the audience about the genesis of the piece.  In only a few minutes, the new slide was in place and she was able to continue.  After a tender second movement and a joyful final movement, the audience gave her a long and enthusiastic ovation…. a wonderful beginning of a fabulous recital, congratulations and thank you Megumi!

Thanks everyone, for your wonderful comments about the piece!  And special thanks go to Dennis Klophaus of Anthem Works Publishing who hosted the music for “Red Dragonfly” at his table.  We sold copies to people who live on three continents, so “Red Dragonfly” is going worldwide, thanks to all of you who will be performing it in the future!